Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have wanted to have an Artist/Patron relationship for many years. The closest I have ever gotten is the rare Commission ( due to my busy publishing schedule) or the sketches I do at conventions for you guys. But never the connection with a true Patron until now.

After I finished my 50 issue, 6 year run on Ex Machina for Wildstorm/DC Comics, It was simply time for a break. So I decided to open up myself to be available for Private Commissions, and not to focus on published material for a short while. These are Not Con-Sketches, mind you, but Commissions. The same level of quality, thought, and dedication that goes into all of my published work over the years. Except with these commissions, they are conceived of by you, and designed, and executed by me, with the Patron acting as kind of an Editor. Not so much telling me to change stuff, but giving me points of interest that they would like to see included in the Illustration, or painting. Just 2 people, (Patron, and Artist), making pretty pictures.

It has been liberating. Not only creatively, but purely from a point of Stress levels. I find myself really loving my Studio Space again. Connecting with it in away that you can't when under the breakneck speed of constant deadlines.

And more often than not my Patrons have said, " I would like this character, but with your spin on it", or my favorite: " Do whatever you want". So it is pure joy picking up the pencil or paintbrush. That is the second thing about this that is so liberating, that I am being asked to Paint on board again. I haven't done it hardly at all since I adopted Photoshop years ago. But It's nice to pick up a brush again, and has re-invigorated me for traditional painting to the point that I will be painting my covers on my future projects ( mostly, as time allows).

Either way, I'm painting again, and my wife is thrilled.

Here is the first commission I took, of Lon Chaney ( The Man of a Thousand Faces), and his many creations. The Patron asked for atheme here. Whatever character I wanted to draw in a trophy room lined with appropriate villians, or what-not. So this is what we hatched at Heroes-Con one year. I have included the Lineart, and the Greywash. In the coming weeks, I will be posting, other commissions featuring The Shadow, Captain America ( Golden Age), Thor, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Zatanna, and the Golden Age Flash! Enjoy.

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