Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi all. Been a little bit since I posted, so i thought I would give a shout, and maybe share some art. First things first..... I dumped all my accounts on the Internet except this blog, and my website ( which is being rebuilt right now)which you can find HERE. I rolled up Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace, and all my memberships on message boards, and deleted them permanently. I was just spending too much time on those sites, and not at my drafting table producing art. Plus they are so full of Piss and Vitriol it's staggering. I mean REALLY staggering. I just couldn't take it anymore. So I wanted to focus my attention down to a fine point. I wanted to hyper focus on my coming and current projects, this blog, and the Jolly roger Studio website. I also am reducing the number and frequency of appearances at American Comic Book Conventions as I would like to travel, and meet some fans abroad. There is a huge string of European conventions that I want to visit, and see how our brothers in other parts of the World, live. So I am starting out by going to The Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival in Leeds, England in November! And my good Friend, and wonderfully talented Barry Kitson promises to hook me up with quite a few shows, including ones in Holland, and France.

My other big focus right now, having just finished my 50 issue run on my Eisner award winning series, Ex Machina, is my new Series. It's called The Further Adventures of The Whistling Skull. It is co-created and written by B. Clay Moore, and will be released through Wildstorm Comics. I will be pencilling , inking and grey washing all the art, and my dear Friend, and amazing talented colorist JD Mettler will be joining us on the trip along with Ex Machina Editors Ben Abernathy and Kristy Quinn. This will mark my return to 2 of my favorite things: The 1940's, and Traditional Painted covers. We are planning on using Mike Mignola's Hellboy as a model, and do Skull as a series of mini-series instead of a back breaking monthly. So the first arc will be 6 issues, and Clay has already turned in his masterful script. Ben has asked me to paint all 6 covers in advance of beginning the interior art for the series. I think this is brilliant as we will have fully painted art to promote the book as we near it's release date. Stay tuned here, and from time, I wil share what I can of the books creation with you. I am also involved in a super secret book being developed right now, that I hope will allow me to finally finish ROUNDEYE: For Love. My very personal graphic novelI have been developing for years. More on this, as I am allowed to . That's all for now. So stay with me here, and you can always reach me through my website, here or my email if you have it. Cheers.



  1. Just listen to your wordballoon interview and I was a fan before, but now you're like my personal hero or something.

    No, not really, but I loved what you said, man. Congrats on your art, good luck with the guild (I'm in Brazil, so I think I can't help much, but if I can, let me know),and I hope to catch The Whistling Skull soon.

  2. Okay, I'll buy this.
    Sounds like it's 3-4 months away.