Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The "REAL" Mitchell hundred

So I just scheduled my last photoshoot with a fellow named Jimmy Hill. Now for most of you, that name means nothing. To some though, you will remember that Jimmy Hill has played a character for me in Ex Machina for 6 years. The characters name is Mitchell Hundred. He happens to be the mayor of New york City. And a guy who got fucked up, and recieved the Ability to control Machines with his voice. He spent a short time trying to be a Hero, then cashed in what little success he had into a political career. He ran for Mayor of NYC, won by a landslide ( after he stopped the second tower from being destroyed on 9-11, and then unveiled his secret Identity an d announced he was running for Mayor).

So Jimmy has come over to my house every month, for 6 years to pose for, and to BE Mitchell Hundred. And lemme tell you, he Owns this role. I stopped second guessing whether or not he knew what to do as we were shooting an issue in our first year. He started giving ME suggestions as far as what Mitch should be Emoting. Point is, I will miss Mitchell. I will miss Jimmy too. It's really weird. I feel like I know Jimmy as well as I do anyone, including myself. I'll miss you Mitch. And in turn, I will miss you, Jimmy.

SAEG progress

Writing the Mission statement over the last few days. Almost there. Then I am gonna run it by Steve Niles, and a few others. Once it is where we think it needs to be, we will put it to the group for a vote. Then on to the next step.

Meanwhile, we are building the website and whittling down our choices for a logo in the back ground of all of this, all the while trying to stay on top of deadlines( Ex Machina #50, JLI covers, Various secret projects, etc...) and spending time with my family( School ending, kids getting awards, and performing). Sheesh. I keep reminding myself, and all of those who have joined in with SAEG, that anything worth doing is hard. Keep telling yourself that. It isn't supposed to be easy. If it was, everybody would do it. But If you are on the fence, and you are reading this, PLEASE contact me. We need you. The group needs you. The more of us that band together, the easier it's going to be to get Insurance rates lower, and lower. It will be easier to put together a retirement plan to will yield MAX benefits. Hell everything will be easier. This is really just a reminder that we are still here. Don't lose steam because you are busy, or you haven't heard a Rant in a few days. Take care.


Monday, May 17, 2010

So these are concept Illustrations for a project Steve Niles and I are "Slowly" developing. I think we have a year in it already? Anyway, It's me trying to figure out a visual approach to the 2 main characters. It's NO secret who these guys are, but I want you to go and read the descriptions on these cats in their respective books, and you will see that I am "trying" to channel what the Authors were visualizing. More on this later. When I am not so buried in work!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Heres the final design, minus the body-suit, for B. Clay Moore's and my New book called The Further Adventures of The Whistling Skull!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Heres the man himself, Enzo ( Big-E) in the Studio.


So I have a 14 year old son who is apparently a damned artist. Least that what I think. I have talked about him, and his work to friends ,family, and fans alike over the years. So nothing in that regard has really changed. Just like all Fathers, I am proud of my kids( I have 3).

But something has changed recently. He has made the first noticeable creative leap ( which I hope is the first of many). I look at everything he draws, or sculpts, either because he brings it to show, me, or I will see it lying on his desk, or a table in the house. So I try to keep my finger on the pulse of his talent. But these drawings lately, which he has added the use of grey washes to, have been far beyond what I have seen in recent weeks.

I'm not sure what to think yet, except to feel proud of his burgeoning ability as a young Illustrator. He really loves it too. i know this, because I can see it deep in his eyes, when I look in them. Listening to him tell me about the particular piece we might be sharing at any given time. I know it when I see it, because I have it. I have had that same passion, and love for Art since before I could articulate it, except visually with pencil, paper, or paint.

And he does it all. Not just drawing. He paints, and Sculpts. He makes shit outta' Duct Tape. I mean REALLY cool shit. And one of our( my wife's too) favorite things over the years has been his "Twist-Tie" sculptures. Little people, doing various and sundry things. My wife has one hanging from the Mirror in her car to this day. And one standing vigil on her nightstand as she sleeps. ( I think this one has a bottle cap as a helmet, and a sword.)

He has been working with me in the studio now for about 6 months or so, and really has turned out to be a great assisstant( when he's not chasing his girlfriend around, or going to the park with his buddies). but when I really need him, he's there. He fills in blacks on all my pages, and covers, and generally helps me around the Studio when I need it. And he gets paid. $10 a page for filling blacks, and $15 a pop for covers. So I am trying to teach him the value of a Dollar, and a deadline.

All I can do is hope that if Art is something that he wants to pursue as a career, whether it be comics, or otherwise, that he attains that dream. My wife and I will be right there to help him make it happen , with whatever we can do. But until then, I will aid, support, encourage, and critique his Art, and teach him.

All of the Drawings above are by Vencenzo Anthony Harris, 14 years old, 6 Ft. 4 In. We call him Big-E.

So I come into Work this morning, check my email, and I received this

from my friend Brad Meltzer. We recently have been talking about the SAEG organization, which he gladly has become a part of. Thanks for that Brad. Made me smile first thing in the door. Not a bad way to start my day.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Setting Sail for Bluer Waters

Well. Here it is. My Blog. For what it's worth. I am going to be moving all my posts from Twitter about SAEG here I think. Then when we are ready to launch the SAEG website, I will have a link there, that will bring you here. Hopefully this will allow me to talk a little more openly, and stop clogging up your feeds on Twitter. I can also put some art up here and make it really feel like the Captains Quarters. Anyway, welcome Swabs, to Art & Skulduggery ( yep, that IS spelled right). Hope you hang around.