Friday, June 11, 2010


I love this Convention. It really is what I consider to be my "Home" show. Like having the home field advantage in sports. I just feel at ease there. It isn't hard to do that when you have such a great host like Shelton Drum. He and his amazing staff( I'm talking about you in particular Dustin!), plus his amazing wife Linda really know how to throw a great Con. Mainly because he goes out of his way to make it a Family show. No Strippers or Porn Stars selling autographed pics of themselves, whilst their Boobages spill out all over the con. Sheesh, the Cos-Players have that angle covered already, but that's one of my fave parts of the cons too. But it is also Kid Friendly. I see more children at this Con than at ANY other! That's why I wanted my children's first Con experience to be Heroes Con. And it was, last year. They had such a blast! So much so that my wife and I decided they should come back this year, and it was even better for them. Anyway, I am gonna do another update here soon with a bunch of Pictures, and scans of Sketches and what-not! More soon. In the meantime, enjoy this Conan commission from the show. I did this for a fella named Gin Kung. This was clearly my favorite one of the show. Thanks for asking Gin!



  1. Where those your kids at the table? I was the redhead with the tall black guy that sat there and talked to them for a while. Glad you all had fun and they were really cool to talk to, however I did manage to not talk to you which was why I came over in the first place..

  2. Awwww. Shit. Sorry about that. Thanks for the kind words about my kids though.

  3. It's fine! I go to Heroes Con every year so I'll definitely find reasons to swing by your table again.