Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Okay, so after living in the Home that all 3 of my children were born in, and grew up in, for 17 years, we are moving. Not just the House, but my Studio as well. This all happens on Monday. We have been packing and going through the painful horse shit, that is moving, all the while me, trying to stay on top of deadlines, and work. Good news? CHIN MUSIC #2 out AUG 21, also, my chapter in Neil Gaimans, THE GRAVE YARD BOOK, finished, this saturday!. out in October. And already 5 pages into ISSUE #3 of CHIN MUSIC. 

So If I have been out of touch, THIS is why. 

I am gonna put on a sale on my Online Store. Wanna help set up the new digs, and the Brand New JOLLY ROGER STUDIO, and get Art and swag in exchange?! then go to

 and take advantage of the 25% discount rate  on your entire order, and claim yer Booty!!!! The Harris Clan sure would appreciate it. Its been pretty rough here, for quite a while, and I have shared that with you guys. Thanks fer all the letters, notes and help. We are truly blessed in the way of friends!

The discount code for the sale is:


Thanks all, now back to packing.


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