Monday, April 30, 2012


!!UPDATE #2!!
So again, the list still has room! 6 names now. Heroes Con is a three day show, so take the leap, get on the list. I will be taking names AT the show too( which, knock wood, is usually considerable) , so this is your way of beating the line.

Hey all! The list is filling out nicely, so dont forget to shoot me a note and get your name on it.  
Also, remember that I NO LONGER do commissions of company owned or copyrighted characters. Just mine, public domain, or those I have permission to sketch at shows from their respective owners. ;) 

So heres the delio for Heroes Con and beyond ( the rest of 2012) 

I will be taking as many commissions as I can do this year, because Heroes Con with be my ONLY U.S. CONVENTION APPEARANCE FOR 2012. I will be appearing throughout Europe later in the year, but this is it for the States. 

There will be an "A" commission, and a "B" commission.

"A"~ $200. 11X17 Bristol Board. India Ink, Grey Wash over pen and Ink drawing. Bust shot. ( little lower depending on character.)

"B"~ $400. 11X17 Bristol Board. India Ink, Grey Wash over pen and Ink drawing. Full figure. One Character.

No backgrounds on either, unless negotiated. More than one figure, doubles the price. No payment up front. Payment due when I deliver the goods!

So if you want a commission from me, be at Heroes this year, or get someone you know to come see me. I am severly limiting my Travel in the coming year or two to concentrate on finishing up THE WHISTLING SKULL ( with B. Clay Moore ), starting CHIN MUSIC( with Steve Niles ) immediately after, and Rolling right into ROUNDEYE: For Love ( with me! ). 

So I hope to see you all at Heroes Conventions 30tyh anniversary show!

to contact me for the commission list for Heroes, email me here:

 Heres a bunch of sketches Ive done over the years....

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