Sunday, February 12, 2012


Heya everybody!

Tony Harris here! I am developing a new property and for the first time in 23 years am looking for an Artist instead of drawing the book myself. I have a ton of stuff I know Ill never get to if I hold onto to drawing it myself, so here we go. Its creator owned, so the Artist will OWN 50 % of the property. I will be doing character designs, and painting the cover, beyond co-writing with my pal Eric Layton. The book is called, "BARREL DANCIN'", and is in NO WAY involving superheroes, or the like. A real story, for real times. Set in the late 60's-early 70's in America revolving around an Alchoholic, Drug-Addict, Rodeo Clown bent on self destruction, with a hardcore deathwish. Its THE WRESTLER, set in the Rodeo Circuit of the 60's and 70's watching the downward spiral of a man bent on self destruction. Go to click on contact us, and send us a link to your MOST CURRENT sequential art. No pin-ups or illustration. I am interested in how well you can tell a story. Realistacally.

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