Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So i have been taking stock of my current working "Situation" of late. Really taking it apart and asking hard questions to myself about my productivity, the quality of the work I produce, and the importance of each individual project, and where it's place is in the pecking order.But those are the kinds of questions you do ask yourself when you are in a creative slump.

Now let me define "slump"

This is what the dictionary says:

SLUMP–verb (used without object) drop or fall heavily; collapse: Suddenly she slumped tothe floor. assume a slouching, bowed, or bent position or posture:Stand up straight and don't slump! decrease or fall suddenly and markedly, as prices or themarket.4.
to decline or deteriorate, as health, business, quality, or efficiency. sink into a bog, muddy place, etc., or through ice or snow. sink heavily, as the spirits.

Heres what I say:

SLUMP–verb (as applied to being an Illustrator) drop or fall heavily; collapse: Suddenly she slumped tothe floor.( after you have worked your ass off for 3 days straight to hit a deadline with 2 hours sleep) assume a slouching, bowed, or bent position or posture:( because you spend too much time at the desk, and not enough walking in the sunshine) decrease or fall suddenly and markedly, as prices or the market( this happens when noone wants to look at your crappy artwork anymore , and you can't get work) decline or deteriorate, as health, business, quality, or efficiency( You get the flu,shit yer pants, get drunk at a Con and lash out at someone who's been a dick to you one too many times, blow deadlines, blow deadlines, blow deadlines.....) sink into a bog, muddy place, etc., or through ice or snow(this happens when u are an Outdoorsman, and an idiot. This is why I rarely leave my Art Cave, but I did draw a one page column for a year for OUTDOOR LIFE magazine, called, THIS HAPPENED TO ME, where idiot outdoorsmen wrote letters to tell on themselves, and i drew their sad tales.) sink heavily, as the spirits( Now. Here we go. this is the one. But it's the sinking of your Spirits, because your "Muse" has left you. She's the one who inspires you, gives you the pictures you see in your mind, and whispers stories in your ear as you sleep, that you eventually write down, and then draw. She is you and you are her. One. So , when she leaves( god knows why, wish I could cage her scitterish ass) you are sad. You can't see the pictures. You can't hear her voice as you sleep telling you "you" stories. So your spirit sinks, low. As it should.

Until she comes back :)

Which was yesterday.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I thought I would do an in depth look at the new process for sketches at shows, and answer a lot of questions all at once, and show a lot of cool stuff too.First off, they are called THE FAST PASS SKETCH. This means that I will issue 10 FAST PASSES each of the 3 days of the show. 10 only. These will have a time stamped on them, and you can choose from available times on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have your pass in hand, all you do is return to my table @ the time on your FAST PASS, and I will produce the sketch for you live. Takes around 30 minutes or less. That way, this frees you up to wander the show, and collect other swag, and goodies at you leasure! Plus gives us some time to hang out and chat, while I do your drawing. So here find a few examples of sketches I did in Kansas City on the FAST PASS system Worked great, and folks were happy. Plus I popped one of those sketches into a template I designed, and it will be printed "ON" the Arches watercolor paper that I am using for these. I also have included a few Sketches I have done in the past on the regular commission system, which I still do upon request, depending on the show. So the FASTPASS Sketches are on 9x12 Arches watercolor paper, pencil,ink, and greaywash for $150. Regular commissions of waist up/paretial BG are still $250 and a bit larger at 11x14. Full figure with partial BG are still $350.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi all. Been a little while1 Hard at work on THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE WHISTLING SKULL, and ROUNDEYE, and painted covers for THE SHADE ( penned by the Amazing James Robinson), so little time for anything else.

I wanted to post a list here of my Convention schedule as it stands just now. A few might be added in Europe, dont know for sure yet. Anyway here they are, and a sneak peak at one of the 2 Starman related prints i will have available all season! Cant wait to see you all! I will also be previewing Whistling Skull, and Roundeye pages.

April 30-May 1 2011

May 13-15 2011

June 3-5 2011

June 24-26 2011

Aug 20-21 2011

Sep 24-25 2011