Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I thought I would do an in depth look at the new process for sketches at shows, and answer a lot of questions all at once, and show a lot of cool stuff too.First off, they are called THE FAST PASS SKETCH. This means that I will issue 10 FAST PASSES each of the 3 days of the show. 10 only. These will have a time stamped on them, and you can choose from available times on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have your pass in hand, all you do is return to my table @ the time on your FAST PASS, and I will produce the sketch for you live. Takes around 30 minutes or less. That way, this frees you up to wander the show, and collect other swag, and goodies at you leasure! Plus gives us some time to hang out and chat, while I do your drawing. So here find a few examples of sketches I did in Kansas City on the FAST PASS system Worked great, and folks were happy. Plus I popped one of those sketches into a template I designed, and it will be printed "ON" the Arches watercolor paper that I am using for these. I also have included a few Sketches I have done in the past on the regular commission system, which I still do upon request, depending on the show. So the FASTPASS Sketches are on 9x12 Arches watercolor paper, pencil,ink, and greaywash for $150. Regular commissions of waist up/paretial BG are still $250 and a bit larger at 11x14. Full figure with partial BG are still $350.


  1. Ah, and how much would a simple head sketch cost?

  2. Those are the options Jude. Unless you walk up with my Art Book, which I gladly do a headsketch in for free.....