Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey all!

This is a little post I thought necessary to correct a mistake in the press currently concerning the Comic Book adaptation of the Video game, UNCHARTED to be published by DC Comics.

I was contacted by DC last year about this, and asked by my Editor Ben Abernathy if I was interested in providing covers. Ben said that SONY had asked for me specifically. Of course I said yes!. So then all the shake ups at DC concerning Wildstorm, etc..

So time go by and I am told it's being moved around, and will land somewhere under the DC Umbrella soon.

Then the other day, I found this.

Anyway I called to speak to Ben, and was told I am still the cover artist, and that ADAM HUGHES will be providing variants. AND, that the image you have seen was contracted to Adam directly by SONY as a poster for San Diego. SO.........

I will be proving covers for the UNCHARTED mini series at DC Comics. Just to clarify. And I am PUMPED to be working with my buddy Adam Hughes on the gig. Should be ablast!


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