Monday, January 31, 2011


So a lot of folks have asked the same question regarding mine and a handful of other Creators comments regarding Original Material.

That question seems to be, " Who is all this aimed at?" Well, at the Fan Collective, and mainly at retailers. Retailers who chose to a large degree what the put on their shelves for the Fan Collective to peruse on Wednesdays. This is a key point, and needs to be our focus. So I would invite YOU as a retailer anywhere on the Globe to reach out to me, or to Steve Niles, or Eric Powell, and ask us what we are thinking. Pick our Brains about promotion. Hell, share with us your ideas on how we can get our product in your store, or more of what's already there.

As I said in part one of this Blog, I am not running down the big 2, or there product, I am just saying thats not all there is. Industries, and companies of all types get stale and die, with fresh, new product, to peruse, sample, and buy. Thats a fact. Why do you think our industry is suffering? Its not because people don't wanna read comics anymore. Its largely because PEOPLE DON'T WANNA READ THE SAME DAMNED ONE EVERY TIME THEY BUY ONE.
But the ball falls squarely on our court as Creators. So I know I have put my money where my mouth is. So hey you. Creator, who is doing nothing but mainstream work ( but secretly have al these hidden away Ideas for new Characters, and books) , when are we gonna see them?

Again if you are a retailer, get in touch, and lets share ideas and talk. That's the main thing is talking Email me DIRECTLY and lets get this party started.


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