Friday, December 10, 2010


Hiya. I recently launched a massive fund raising campaign for a project that I have been developing for over 10 years. It is located here.

This is MY BABY, for my Baby. For my wife. Stacie.

I have been very fortunate and lucky in my 22 year career. I have weathered being fired, getting great jobs, personal tradgedy, winning awards, getting fired, being lied too, losing friends, having creative awakenings,, being fired, losing friends.. you get the idea. but I love what I do. i feel fortunate.

So when i am attacked publicly by Trolls who feel safe behind their monitrs, I attack back. Anyone who knows me, knows i am a bulldog. But i try to argue my point with intelligence. So i feel like after you go to the link I posted, and read ALL you see on that site. then read this:

This is a must

Update #7 posted 41 minutes ago

I hate to have to do this. But i feel it necessary. A friend pointed out a few sites where i am being crucified for being Smug, and Selfish. So I sat down ,and tried to think about all the question that people might have. Here goes.

"I am not a crook".

hey guys. Lemme clarify a few things i have tried to, more than once on Kickstarter. I guess i have failed.

To call me smug, or greedy is just, I dunno, kinda mean.
You DO NOT have to donate a single dime. BUT, I am asking you to, if you are a fan of mine, and you want this book, which has been hard to get placed, see the light of day.

WAR HEROES?? Kirkman and I are talking, It will finish. Follow me on Twitter @TONYFINGHARRIS and you will get weekly updates on that. The money is finally there to get it done.

Whistling Skull??? Coming out in 2011 from DC Comics. Painted all 6 covers. Just got first script approved, start drawing next week.


Heres the skinny? You asked for it? You got it. I was trying to be a gentleman and not spell everything out about my personal life, but if I am going to be blasted publicly for being selfish, to try and commiserate with like minded people, and as a public figure reach out to THOSE people, and ask them to help me make it happen and entertain them in the process, then i am gonna tell you, what is what.

I get paid $275 to pencil a page, I get paid $150 t ink a page, i get paid $125 to color a page. Thats $550 a page. Thats $52,800. I am foregoing the writing $$ altogether. I am paying out for lettering, which is usually $10 a page. Thats almost a Grand. So I take it to a publisher, finished. DONE. they DO NOT HAVE TO PAY OUT A SINGLE FUCKING DIME TO PRODUCE THE ART BECAUSE I ALREADY TOOK CARE OF THAT THROUGH FUNDRAISING ON KICKSTARTER( PLEASE GOD!!!) Hell yeah, they are gonna guy it. And publish it, with a big fucking smile on their face. NO I WILL NOT be paid all over again by said publisher. I will share in profits after the publisher makes back all their printing , and advertising, and administrative costs. Which by the way includes anywhere from a 40, to 60 % discount off cover price from Diamond Comic Distributors. Not to mention Tons of Advertising costs and unseen bullshit.

There isn't really a whole lot of profit to be made. Serious, ask ANY comic book guy, or girl, and they will tell you they don't do this for the money.
And, any other book you can think of, from X-Men, to Ex Machina to Y- the last man, to Superman, to Batman, and to whatever, they all cost the same to produce. And in most cases more. Because they have bigger names than me writing and drawing them, and their rates are a lot higher than mine. So I could go on, and I will if need be, but i hope that clears up a few things. you are not a fan. Dont donate, if you are? i will NEVER forget what you did. And I will shake your hand and sign your book an draw in it, and make you know that you made it happen. YOU.

      I don't know how I can be any more transparent than this. I just wanna make beautiful comics. Thats it. if I wanted to be rich, i woulda gone into another field, If I wanted to be Famous, Comics would have been the LAST job I pursed.

      I just wanna tell stories.



      1. This is the thanks you get for putting yourself and your work out there, I guess. People who don't appreciate it or don't understand what you're doing feel the need to bash it, despite the fact that you're pouring yourself into this. I'm sorry people feel the need to bash you while they hide behind keyboards. I'm sure when the book gets published, they'll all line up to buy it, and never admit to saying something bad about it.

      2. Some people can be such dicks sometimes. I can't believe people would talk to you like that, it's really disheartening. Especially when you're trying to get more stories out there for them to read. As someone who is struggling to get into this industry, I really feel for you trying so hard to get this story that means so much to you out there. I wish you the best of luck, I know I'd love to see it in print.